Monday, 16 January 2012


She said : I'm afraid of falling, but he whispered, I have wings.

A guy and a girl can be just friends but at one point, one of them will fall for the other, maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late or maybe, just maybe.. FOREVER !

There is only one kind of love,
but, there are a thousand limitations.

I may not be what you want, but I will try every moment to be what you need.

When you smile at me or even just look my way, it makes me smile and brightens my day.
Because then I know, that even if it was just for a second, I crossed your mind.

A FRIEND is there went you need nothing, a BEST FRIEND is there when you are nothing !

Being in love isn't about picturing yourself with that one person for the rest of your life.
It is about not be able to picture yourself without that person for one day.

I hate how you can bring out the worst in me but act like you've never seen anything more beautiful.

You were once happy without him. You will happy again.

Life is going to hurt you.


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